Writing a Book – A Proven Way To Quickly Breakthrough

Writing a Book and Making Your Mark

Writing a Book and Making Your Mark

A Proven Way To Quickly Breakthrough

Have you ever stopped to consider how many business professionals today are writing a book, either a good old fashioned book in print or a digital ebook, out in their name? Ever wanted to know more about how to write a book of your own?

If you have, you aren’t alone. In fact, many business coaches and marketing experts consider a book as the new business card, and there are some very definite benefits to putting pen to paper and getting published.

Understanding why this is such a valuable exercise starts with taking a closer look at how having a book can help your personal brand and create a unique position in the market for your business as well.

Writing a Book to Build Your Personal Brand

  • Establishing expertise – being an expert in your field is a powerful marketing tool. Writing a book or ebook provides the perfect vehicle to take your time and develop an area of expertise. By having a book in print, you have credibility and credentials the competition simply doesn’t.
  • Becoming a resource – once you have a book, you will find people are more likely to ask questions because of your expert status. When you are seen as a resource within your area of experience and business, new options open up for networking, speaking to groups, expanding your client base, and in generating new markets you may never have considered.
  • Generating quality leads – when writing a book about your business, your professional area of experience, or about the products and services you provide, anyone communicating with you because of that book will automatically be a qualified lead. By using content marketing strategies you can drive traffic to your website without marketing through the book, just by creating a buzz about a topic people want to learn more about.
  • Be a guest – there are a lot of different blogs, online radio programs, and even traditional radio or television events that feature authors of all different types of books. Once you publish a book sending it to people who do podcasts or radio blogs online is a wonderful way to reach an even greater audience.
  • Credibility – saying you have a lot of knowledge and experience is one thing, but publishing a book to back it up automatically puts you on a different level. This is true in any industry, and you don’t have to write a book that is academic in nature, the beauty of writing is you can choose a style that works for you and works for your target audience.

Writing a book, particularly if your expertise, knowledge, and experience are part of your branding, marketing, and advertising push for your company, is a great idea. Not only will you find it to be a really a fun process, but you will also gain a lot of recognition, credibility, and expert status once your project is complete.

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