Boost Your Video Marketing With YouTube Cards

This feature already exists on YouTube called annotations which you embed into your video so this is taking it up a notch. Annotations alone work on the full web version of YouTube, and is now available on the mobile version and adds a layer of interactivity to your videos. YouTube has introduced YouTube Cards (you’ll now see a tab in the video editor called Cards) which work on both platforms. 

Purpose: They can inform your viewers about other videos, products, playlists, websites and create a call to action.

 Who Can Use Them: Anyone can use YouTube Cards, but you must have a channel

Purpose: YTCards can send traffic directly to your website with the claim that they will double your traffic. It also allows you to create a call to action and makes your video more interactive.

 YouTubeCardsTypes of Cards: Right now, you can choose from six types of cards —

Merchandise Cards (when selling a product)

Fundraising Cards (linking to legit sites)

Video (link to other You Tube Videos)

Playlist Cards (links to playlists)

Fan Funding (fan base makes monetary contributions to a link)

Associated Website (links to your website)

 Other Notes: YTCards are only installed on a per video basis. The great thing about them is that they are editable and customizable. You can provide a destination url, titles, text to entice someone to click, a watermarked logo on your video and also custom images. Your account does need to be in good standing and they even work on live streams.

 Make the most of this feature, play with it and make your YouTube Videos shine and boost your video marketing.

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