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Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV.

I’m your host and captain Lindsay Phillips and I’m going to be talking to you about YouTube again and this time I’m going to cover transcripts. Did you know that YouTube will actually transcribe your videos for free? It just takes a little bit of editing but hey, free is always good, right? Let me show you how that’s done as I share my screen and dive into YouTube.

Just simply go into your video manager and then edit your video and you actually go to subtitles and closed captions so that’s how it’s done. Obviously you’re going to pick your language. I’m going to make that my default. It says it’s already published so that was fast, right? I’m going to quickly double click it where it says published and then it shows here what the transcription is (or closed captions), whatever you want to call it to the left.

You’re going to click the edit button. You can enter in your own stuff so it does take a little bit of editing because you’ll notice, let me see if I can find it here. They have a section where there’s like 2 words so you can kind of go in and then you can actually delete this one. You can delete as you want.. You can kind of play around with it.

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Transcripts from

The other thing I would recommend is at the end, you can always put in the URL. You can add another block clearly. Add in the URL for your blog post for your website for maybe you have this video post on your website with your own transcripts that you have created there. It does take a little bit of fiddling around. I use REV for transcriptions. For like a 3 minute video, it’s going to cost me $3 so you kind of have to gauge which one is better.

Let me show you one thing. I’m going to save that. I’m going to publish the edits. The cool thing about this is that people can access them easily. I’m going to go back to the video manager and click on that video. Now how people view that transcript. If they go to more and then transcript, you will see the transcripts are right there for people that they can look at that right in YouTube.

Again, I use REV so I can get the transcripts and I put them on my website, I might as well go to that and show you real quick here. Once I get the transcriptions I get my trusty staff to read through them and put that in there so they’re a lot more elaborate, it looks nicer. What you can do actually is if you do go to REV, and get proper full transcription, you can actually copy and paste that in that editing section you can just paste that right in and kind of create your own transcript so that it looks a little bit more pleasant in YouTube.

Great element to use for transcripts not only for your website but also for your YouTube channel and your YouTube video. Always remember that people learn and absorb information differently. Some people are really auditory and they’d like to listen so sometimes people play the videos and don’t even pay attention to what’s going on, they just listen and hear it. That’s why podcasts are so awesome. Some people like to read. I’m that way. I really like to read things unless I’m doing a how-to then I want to see how it plays out and see how things are done. Everyone learns a little bit differently. Everyone absorbs information differently so to have all these different elements in your content marketing will only help your readership, help your conversions, and gain a bigger audience which is exactly what you want.

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Until next week guys have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.